The list, the list

July 20, 2010

Oh my to-do list is growing. And since I am on hold due to my table work, it does not help the projects that I want to accomplish.

Firstly, I have big undertaking ahead of me. I want to make every item in the book “Amy Butler’s Little Stitches for Little Ones”

There are 20 cute-cute-cute projects in this book. I have so far made 5 projects (pictures to come later). No, I am not a Mom yet, but I figure as I try learn to sew, I might as well make items that would be useful and modern looking for baby. I highly recommend this book for patterns for making a functional diaper bag to a full crib set.  

Here are the projects that I have made:

-Modern Crib Set

-snuggle wrap

-Everything bag

-Modern Diaper bag (its HUGE!)

-Kitty toy

Items to next on the list

-fitting sheet to the crib set

-cute booties

-Kimono PJ’s

I am thinking for the booties and pj’s to make them out of Moda’s Funky Monkey Sock Fabric

Heres to new projects, now for that table…



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