August 2, 2010

Everyone needs motivation.

Here’s whats sending me craft vibes today:

These vibrant tissue pompoms remind me of the homemade plum, lilac, and cream ones I made for my wedding reception decor. I think I need to make more for my craft room.

Pompoms made by FiestaPomPom on Etsy

This mobile is so sugar-sweet! I love the woodland animal theme! This one is made by giftsdefine on Etsy.

Fun and feisty! I want to make this right now! I love the vibrant red color. I will surely be checking in on sleeyking to see their other cute creations.

These past few weeks I have been far from my sewing machine, sigh. I have been refinishing my new sewing desk, or as of lately my husband and I put in new floor in our basement. It beautiful floor, but time-consuming. Now with the floor finished, I feel I can get back to my normal life.

On my sewing table currently is an emergency sewing project. This is probably the most ridiculous thing I will have to make, but a necessity until my pups can get their chompers in check. I will be making stair spindle covers since my dogs have made their mark on one too many. I am using a celery green canvas for this project.



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