Failure, Complete and Utter Failure

August 5, 2010

Everyone fails right; yes yes it is true. It’s just I was not expecting it with my latest sewing task. I am trying to make canvas covers for my stair spindles that my dogs love to eat so much.

I know I measured the spindle area twice, and I was completely happy that I got the first cover of three punched out in less than an hour. But when it came showtime to remove the nasty blanket, that has been a half-assed cover the last half year, and attached the newly made cover, it didn’t fit. IT DIDN’T FIT.

Harumph. Harumph indeed.

I got so frustrated that I had to walk away for the night. I think I tend to get very diva-ish when something goes awry in my sewing projects. I think this whole project is going to give me troubles. I have not had much experience in sewing projects with out a pattern.

Some night soon I will try again, with ruler in hand. . .


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