Small Projects

September 19, 2010

So the last couple weeks, I have been working one numerous small projects. It feels good to get these done so I can more on to bigger and better projects.

1] Homemade Wedding Gifts – For friends that got married recently, I made an embroidered tea towel. I decided for the tea towel to hand sew their monogram and wedding date. On the opposite corner, I hand embroidered a picture of Houghton, MI where the bride and groom first met and dated. Also, since I shared a love of cooking with the bride, I made her a homemade apron. I hope they love these homemade gifts!

2] My Mom recently gifted me a cute craft book for making little felted creaters called The Cute Book by Aranzi Aronzo. I tried my hand at making a bunny. I enlarged the patterned and added my own flare. I think it is super cute!

3] Felt Food – My dream would be for my kids to play kitchen/house with food, and instead of the plastic kind, they would play with homemade felt food. My first try was making strawberries in two sizes. I think they turned out pretty good. Now on to making some veggies…

Hopefully soon, I will have more project done to post here! Stay tuned!

❤ Heather


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