Bedrest Day 8 – Back on the IV Again

July 21, 2011

So my experience thus far has not been too bad. The first 48 hours at the hospital, I was on continuous contraction and baby heart monitoring and I was getting saline and two antibiotics via IV. After 48, I was allowed to take the antibiotics via pill. Also due to baby doing well and no contractions appearing, monitoring only happened once per nurse shift, or 2 a day. Also the ambiotic fluid was leaking very minimally,

This pattern continued until early Wednesday morning, when I noticed that I was leaking more fluid consistently. The doctors and nurses didnt seem too concerned due to baby will continuously make more fluid, therefore I will continue to leak. Also mid-day Wednesday, I started to feel very light cramping, but still no contractions. The cramping could meaning many different things I am told, not necessarily labor. I was given so medication that made me super sleeply. Fast forward to the night time monitoring duties, and the babies heart rate had some variables in it. This meant the baby would be beating along around 150 beats per minute, but every few minutes, his heart rate would drop to 100 or a little less, and then come back up to normal heart rate. Because this pattern continued for an hour, they decided to monitor me through the night.

As I slept last, I guess baby continued this process, so they decided to put an IV back in me to see if some fluids would help him out.

I have now become a master of typing with one hand! But in all seriousness,  I do feel the fluids have been helping him out cause he has been kicking around today a lot, which is an improvement during the last couple days of bedrest.

Please keep the well wishes coming, as we need this little guy to last another 5 weeks!



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