Small Projects

September 19, 2010

So the last couple weeks, I have been working one numerous small projects. It feels good to get these done so I can more on to bigger and better projects.

1] Homemade Wedding Gifts – For friends that got married recently, I made an embroidered tea towel. I decided for the tea towel to hand sew their monogram and wedding date. On the opposite corner, I hand embroidered a picture of Houghton, MI where the bride and groom first met and dated. Also, since I shared a love of cooking with the bride, I made her a homemade apron. I hope they love these homemade gifts!

2] My Mom recently gifted me a cute craft book for making little felted creaters called The Cute Book by Aranzi Aronzo. I tried my hand at making a bunny. I enlarged the patterned and added my own flare. I think it is super cute!

3] Felt Food – My dream would be for my kids to play kitchen/house with food, and instead of the plastic kind, they would play with homemade felt food. My first try was making strawberries in two sizes. I think they turned out pretty good. Now on to making some veggies…

Hopefully soon, I will have more project done to post here! Stay tuned!

❤ Heather



August 30, 2010

My new sewing desk!

Its done! I put a lot of elbow grease into this desk. Ok, and my husband too (thanks hun!). I love how it turned out! The nastyness that was removing the really old lacquer was so worth it!

$50 Craigslist Table

$20 Supplies

Tons of hardwork = Priceless

Behold the new 7 foot long sewing desk now located in my new craft room. Plus it has extra storage space to share, for me to grow my fabric collection 😉

Fabric Lust!!

August 8, 2010

I swear this is the cutest fabric I have ever seen. I heart it so much! I was surfing etsy for Japanese Fabric, when I came across this fabric.

I am partial to rabbits since I used to have one, and I love anything with fashion, and it is waterproof to boot!

I want! I need! I love!

Sold by felicitysiu on Etsy

Swoon ❤

nighty-night Heather

Everyone fails right; yes yes it is true. It’s just I was not expecting it with my latest sewing task. I am trying to make canvas covers for my stair spindles that my dogs love to eat so much.

I know I measured the spindle area twice, and I was completely happy that I got the first cover of three punched out in less than an hour. But when it came showtime to remove the nasty blanket, that has been a half-assed cover the last half year, and attached the newly made cover, it didn’t fit. IT DIDN’T FIT.

Harumph. Harumph indeed.

I got so frustrated that I had to walk away for the night. I think I tend to get very diva-ish when something goes awry in my sewing projects. I think this whole project is going to give me troubles. I have not had much experience in sewing projects with out a pattern.

Some night soon I will try again, with ruler in hand. . .

The list, the list

July 20, 2010

Oh my to-do list is growing. And since I am on hold due to my table work, it does not help the projects that I want to accomplish.

Firstly, I have big undertaking ahead of me. I want to make every item in the book “Amy Butler’s Little Stitches for Little Ones”

There are 20 cute-cute-cute projects in this book. I have so far made 5 projects (pictures to come later). No, I am not a Mom yet, but I figure as I try learn to sew, I might as well make items that would be useful and modern looking for baby. I highly recommend this book for patterns for making a functional diaper bag to a full crib set.  

Here are the projects that I have made:

-Modern Crib Set

-snuggle wrap

-Everything bag

-Modern Diaper bag (its HUGE!)

-Kitty toy

Items to next on the list

-fitting sheet to the crib set

-cute booties

-Kimono PJ’s

I am thinking for the booties and pj’s to make them out of Moda’s Funky Monkey Sock Fabric

Heres to new projects, now for that table…