Bedrest craft projects

July 21, 2011

I have completed two projects while being in the hospital.

 I started by making some toy felt alphabeat letters – all sewn by hand.


Then I thought I try my hand at crochet. I found this lovely tutorial via lady at Lorajean’s Magazine, who was a guest blog of Made. Surprisingly, it was super easy and fast to make. I cant wait to keep our little boy warm in this hat!


So my experience thus far has not been too bad. The first 48 hours at the hospital, I was on continuous contraction and baby heart monitoring and I was getting saline and two antibiotics via IV. After 48, I was allowed to take the antibiotics via pill. Also due to baby doing well and no contractions appearing, monitoring only happened once per nurse shift, or 2 a day. Also the ambiotic fluid was leaking very minimally,

This pattern continued until early Wednesday morning, when I noticed that I was leaking more fluid consistently. The doctors and nurses didnt seem too concerned due to baby will continuously make more fluid, therefore I will continue to leak. Also mid-day Wednesday, I started to feel very light cramping, but still no contractions. The cramping could meaning many different things I am told, not necessarily labor. I was given so medication that made me super sleeply. Fast forward to the night time monitoring duties, and the babies heart rate had some variables in it. This meant the baby would be beating along around 150 beats per minute, but every few minutes, his heart rate would drop to 100 or a little less, and then come back up to normal heart rate. Because this pattern continued for an hour, they decided to monitor me through the night.

As I slept last, I guess baby continued this process, so they decided to put an IV back in me to see if some fluids would help him out.

I have now become a master of typing with one hand! But in all seriousness,  I do feel the fluids have been helping him out cause he has been kicking around today a lot, which is an improvement during the last couple days of bedrest.

Please keep the well wishes coming, as we need this little guy to last another 5 weeks!


Dog On It by Spencer Quinn

Meet Bernie and Chet, detective team. Man and his dog. But the kick about this book is that it is narrated by the dog. I must say that when Mitch came by with this book in his bag of goodies and said the dog narrates the book,  I was a little worried. Really how deep or entertaining could a detective story be when looked at through a dogs eye?

Surprising, this was fast placed and charming story. There was a simplicity to the story, but the author made the characters relatable and with an interesting detective story.

I will say that Chet the dog had a lot of same manerisms as Baloo and Fozzie – which made me laugh and miss my pups at the same time,

All in all, a quick, easy, and fun read.



Feeling the love

July 21, 2011

Over the past 8 days that I have been in the hospital, I have felt lots of love from Family and friends.

Some dear friends from college sent us two Michigan Tech themed outfits – too cute!

I received two surprise flower bouquets and a card from my coworkers. This made me really feel special!

Thanks so much everyone, I cannot say how much I appreciate it. -Heather


Interesting Situation…

July 19, 2011

So I stopped blogging since September ’10. Opps. But I didnt stop crafting. I guess I am not good at keeping tabs. Well in February of this year, I was excited to learn my Husband and I will be expecting our first baby come early October. The first and second trimesters were great. I was blessed with no morning sickness or other common symptoms. Exhaustion wasnt too bad either as I worked my normal job.

But a day before I was to start my 7th month of pregnancy, a surprising change happened. Last Thursday started out as any other day. My husband was kind enough as always to let me sleep in as he took care of our pups in the morning. We had breakfast and off to work. It wasnt until 11am as I was walking to the restroom, that I thought the baby was sitting or kicked my bladder and I thought I started to pee myself. Very embrassing. It was a blessing that I decided to throw on a cotton jersey dress that day. Fast forward a couple of hours of me still leaking. Turns out my water broke and 12 weeks early to boot.

I was admitted to my hospital’s birthing center. Turns out that now that I have ruptured, I have to stay in the hospital on bed rest until the baby is born. Now the major concern is infection to me, cause it would get passed on to the baby and make him really sick. If an infection was to come on, the baby would have to be born immediately. The doctors want to make sure our little baby boy stays growing inside me becuase his lungs are not fully developed yet. They did give me two doses of steriods to help the lung development get kick started just in case I naturally gone into labor.

The goal is to make it to 34 weeks pregant, roughly 5.5 weeks from now. At that point babies lungs will be good, and developmentally they say you cant see a difference when the child is older compared to a baby born at 40 weeks along. Plus after 34 weeks and having the rupture, there are too many risks to me that could occur, so they induce me.

I must say, this was a definite surprise, as I was determined to work until the end of my pregnancy. Also a surprise that the baby will be coming early. But I know I am where I should be and so far after 5 days of best rest, I am still in good spirits and a positive mind.

The hospital here has been fantastic. I have been blessed in my life where the only hospital stay was when I was 7 for my tonsil removal, but I wasnt sure what to expect. Everyone is wonderful, positive, and the nurses are great to talk to. They are so accomdating. I found out that they will let me bring in my sewing machine! Oh my gravy! I couldnt belive this. The food too, is a lot better than I thought it would. And plus all the nurses claim that I could order delivery or have my family or friends bring in food if I get sick of the hospital selection. I even had a nurse offer to get me smoothies from the coffee shop in the main part of the hospital!

So far, baby and I are doing well and counting down the days until 34 weeks rolls around.

Throughtout this whole pregnancy, I had a long long list of projects I wanted to finish before the baby arrived. I wasnt getting anything done. I guess now I have the time to get all the projects done while I am here.

I will continue to share my bed rest adventures here and hopefully a lot of projects that I will finish!