August 2, 2010

Everyone needs motivation.

Here’s whats sending me craft vibes today:

These vibrant tissue pompoms remind me of the homemade plum, lilac, and cream ones I made for my wedding reception decor. I think I need to make more for my craft room.

Pompoms made by FiestaPomPom on Etsy

This mobile is so sugar-sweet! I love the woodland animal theme! This one is made by giftsdefine on Etsy.

Fun and feisty! I want to make this right now! I love the vibrant red color. I will surely be checking in on sleeyking to see their other cute creations.

These past few weeks I have been far from my sewing machine, sigh. I have been refinishing my new sewing desk, or as of lately my husband and I put in new floor in our basement. It beautiful floor, but time-consuming. Now with the floor finished, I feel I can get back to my normal life.

On my sewing table currently is an emergency sewing project. This is probably the most ridiculous thing I will have to make, but a necessity until my pups can get their chompers in check. I will be making stair spindle covers since my dogs have made their mark on one too many. I am using a celery green canvas for this project.



The list, the list

July 20, 2010

Oh my to-do list is growing. And since I am on hold due to my table work, it does not help the projects that I want to accomplish.

Firstly, I have big undertaking ahead of me. I want to make every item in the book “Amy Butler’s Little Stitches for Little Ones”

There are 20 cute-cute-cute projects in this book. I have so far made 5 projects (pictures to come later). No, I am not a Mom yet, but I figure as I try learn to sew, I might as well make items that would be useful and modern looking for baby. I highly recommend this book for patterns for making a functional diaper bag to a full crib set.  

Here are the projects that I have made:

-Modern Crib Set

-snuggle wrap

-Everything bag

-Modern Diaper bag (its HUGE!)

-Kitty toy

Items to next on the list

-fitting sheet to the crib set

-cute booties

-Kimono PJ’s

I am thinking for the booties and pj’s to make them out of Moda’s Funky Monkey Sock Fabric

Heres to new projects, now for that table…


because I am refinishing a new sewing table!

I feel in love with a solid wood desk I found on craigslist, for $50 no less! Not that my old sewing table, but it was quite tiny and would always cause me troubles for layout my fabric or work.

My new table has a tabletop that is 7 feet by 4 feet – plenty of space for my projects!

I decided to try my had at refinishing. Man, did I not realized what I got myself into.

All the steps of removing lacquer, removing original stain, sanding, applying new stain, and then sealing. UGH. I keep reminding me of my end result, a massively awesome new sewing table! I must repeat that in my head as I have another good 3 hours of lacquer removal. Wish me luck!

Here are some before and in-progress pictures.


I want to finish this desk ASAP so I can get back to sewing. Plus I am sure my hubs would like his garage back, too.


[Motivation Mondays]

July 19, 2010

Everyone needs motivation.

Here’s whats sending me craft vibes today: 

1. Amy Butlers New Fabric

2. Blog: A Beautiful Mess  

3. Felt Food

These are seriously is too cute for words…

Made by julyhobby on etsy.

Why, hello there

July 19, 2010

Welcome to my blog. I am a mechanical engineer by trade – but am secretly a crafter. I love crafts, and specially sewing. I love modern fabrics and modern patterns.

It was only a year an a half ago that I got a basic sewing machine (thanks MOM!) and got the will to try to teach myself how to use it! I am by no means perfect. But making purposeful and cute items is what drives me to create and sew.  

This blog will explore my past projects, future projects, and other crafters that give me motivation to continue on my sewing adventures.

Join me, won’t you.